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    Developed with the sole purpose of keeping people safe, Stratobel is our extended range of laminated glass which looks identical to normal glass, but is strong enough to provide protection from injury, falls and break-ins and vandalism.
    Transparent protection is provided by a polyvinyl butyral (PVB) interlayer, a plastic material placed between two sheets of glass.

    Subjected to many forms of impact and tests, varying thicknesses of glass and configurations determine the level of safety.

    By applying layers of specific PVB, specific tinted float and glass coatings, functionality can be added on top of the safety components.


    All products in this range are available in a wide range of standard sizes and structures. Other dimensions and thicknesses are available for a particular market or upon request with a minimum order.


    The three main functions of this range are:
    Protection from injury – tested and certified in compliance with EN 12600(Class: 1B1 - 2B2)

    If this glass breaks, it shatters into blunt fragments which stick to the PVB rather than sharp pieces. For bus shelters, doors, windows, balconies, skylights and any overhead glazing, this glass, which includes two sheets of glass and at least one PVB interlayer, reduces the risk of injury due to accidental impact.

    Protection from falls - tested and certified in compliance with EN 12600 (Class: 1B1)
    Whenever there is a risk of falling through glass, for example, ceiling-to-floor windows, balustrades and banisters, this glass, which includes two sheets of glass and at least two PVB interlayers, prevents falls as the glass stays together – even when accidentally broken.

    Protection against break-ins and vandalism - tested and certified in compliance with EN 356. (Class: P1A-P5A)
    Windows are a potential entry point for burglars, but this glass, which includes two sheets of glass and at least two PVB interlayers, resists forced entry threats and intrusion. Tested with a metal ball drop, this method evaluates the performance with three levels of impact from small-scale manual attacks to intentional break-ins.

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