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Product Catalogue (version 39)

This tool Product Catalogue focuses on our leading products, providing you with information regarding product availability and delivery times for non processed products.

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There are with the chosen criteria.

Please contact your sales or CCC account for accurate information.
The reported delivery times are AGC's best estimate and can not be considered as a binding timing.

  • New added in the Catalogue
  • Update (+) better lead time vs. previous version
  • Update (-) worse lead time vs. previous version
  • Removed removed from our Catalogue

AGC products can be classified into four types:
TypeAbbreviationLead TimeMinimum Quantity
StandardMarked ST1 in the Product Catalogue1 week ex works1 pack
On ProductionMarked STX in the Product Catalogue5 weeks ex works1 pack
On Request*Marked OR in the Product CataloguePlease contact your Customer Care Centre4 packs, or else € 1.000 surcharge
Others*All other productsPlease contact your Customer Care CentrePlease contact your Customer Care Centre
  • *AGC must ship the order within 45 days after production. It cannot be cancelled after it has been produced
  • Prior written approval from the Market Manager is required. A 30% down payment may be requested in some cases.

The precise delivery date has to be confirmed by the commercial department.